Free Pokemon Reboot Game 2021

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Reboot Rom

Version: v3.0

Updated: March 4, 2021

Pokemon Reboot Game

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Name: Pokemon Reboot

Type: GBA

Hack of: FireRed

Language: English

Creators: yogur.comics


A rom hack of Pokemon FireRed where old Pokemon have been redesigned as modern ones.




Type: Grass/Poison

E ective against: Water

Vulnerable to: Fire, Ice, Flying, Supernatural

Evolving into: Ivysaur

▼Don’t let the cute and cute fool you innocent appearance of Bulbasaur. This one happy Pokémon, which is born with a seed on his back from which he gets his nourishment in his youth, can with his Vine Whip and Tacle as Fast Attacks a some nasty blows. we have it here about a so-called Seed Pokémon. Evolving from Bulbasaur will cost you 25 Bulbasaur Candy.



pokemon reboot

pokemon reboot

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