Free Digimon Nova Red 2021

Download Pre-Patched Digimon Nova Red Rom

Version: v1.0

Updated: July 23, 2021

Free Digimon Nova Red 2021

Free Digimon Nova Red 2021


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Name: Digimon Nova Red
Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English
Creator: Guzeinbuick

Digimon Nova Red Features

  • All original 151 Kanto Pokemon have been converted into Digimon
  • Mons to have altered stats, typing, and movepools to reflect their new Digimon forms
  • Encounter rates and locations have been edited so all 150 mons are catchable
  • Fairy type included
  • All trainers, Gym leaders and Elite Four have been tweaked for harder difficulty
  • Trade evolutions now occur through max happiness instead
  • All Pokedex entries modified
  • Minor dialogue tweaks


Type: Fire

E ective against: Insect, Steel, Grass, Ice

Vulnerable to: Soil, stone, water

Evolving into: Charmeleon

▼Whether the Char in Charmander is due to the fact that this Pokémon is so char-mant happens we don’t know, but despite his dangerous fire tail find we this quite a nice boy. That flame is not only decorative, by the way, it represents his life force. If Charmander is healthy, the flame burns very bright, is he almost dead, then the light, literally, goes out. Ember and Scratch are two examples of Fast Attacks you can perform with these Pokémon. Would you like the more powerful version? For 25 Charmander Candy you start the evolution process.


Free Digimon Nova Red 2021Free Digimon Nova Red 2021Free Digimon Nova Red 2021Free Digimon Nova Red 2021


Guzeinbuick, Wooded-Wolf, BiaBego, MOC-7, DragonRod, AnimaThesq, KajiAtsui, Hamurand22, X0-000


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