10 Proven Ideas to Earn Money Online


Everytimes they ask me what I do, and I answer that I have a blog, or an online site, the first thing they ask me is if it is possible to earn money online.


The short answer is that yes, it is possible to earn money online, and the objective of this article is to explain how to make money online .


The options that you will find on the web are very varied, in fact, if you Google how to make money online, you will find hundreds of articles that explain how to achieve it.


How is this article different from the rest?


On the one hand, I will share with you those ideas that have worked for me in my process and I will tell you about my personal experience.


Additionally, I will share other options to earn money online that we have investigated, since although we like those that we use a lot, we cannot deny that there are other very interesting alternatives that we wanted to include in this list.


Let’s get something clear before we begin:



The vast majority of people assume that making money online is fast, fairly and easy. They even get the idea that all they have to do is create a blog from scratch , and start earning income overnight.


The reality is very different, to earn money online you will have to work smart, try new things, learn constantly, and dedicate yourself, as you would with any job, so that it begins to bear fruit.


Once this is clear, you will have the right mindset to explore all the benefits that the web offers you.


To begin with, these ideas to earn money online do not depend on where you live, your age or profession, it does not matter where your customers are since your products become available 24 hours a day, and best of all, you only need two things to start with:


A computer

An internet connection.

Ideas to earn money online:



As you will realize, the investment for these businesses from home is minimal, since you don’t really need to have a lot of money to access them.


Additionally, it is not necessary that you quit your current job and dedicate yourself full time to developing this idea, since these give you the freedom to work on them during your free time.


So you can keep your job, and therefore your income, until you can take the leap and become one of those people who know how to make money online, no matter where they are in the world.


1. Make money with a blog

There are many ways to generate income with a blog, and Undertaking Stories is proof of that.


If you are interested in starting to earn money online with a blog , I have created an online course that teaches you the methodology to achieve it from scratch.


Before sharing the methods you have to earn money online, I want to make you a very special invitation.


Free Webinar: Create a Website You Can Live Off

start online sidebar bannerIf you want to learn how to create a website from scratch that generates recurring and passive income , I want to invite you to the free training in which I teach you how to create a profitable website from scratch.


I’m going to show you the methodology I used to create a digital publication that had a turnover of more than $ 10,000 in just 6 months.


And best of all, you don’t need previous experience, technical knowledge, or a business idea. In other words, you will learn step by step, how to create a blog that you can live on.



How to start a blog on the Internet?

The first thing you should do is choose your web domain, choose a hosting plan that suits your needs and start generating content.


To be honest, making money from a blog is not something that happens overnight; Although creating a page is relatively easy (with services like Bluehost or Hostinger , which you can do in a matter of minutes), the key is in the perseverance and dedication that you put into your digital project.


Now, when you manage to break the inertia, you start to have traffic, you understand about organic positioning and you have your subscriber base, that’s when the magic begins to happen.


Here are some methods to monetize a website, if you want to know more about each option, you can review this article on how to make money with a blog .


Methods to earn money online with your blog:

Here are some alternatives to earn money with your blog.


Google Adsense:

google adsense make money


Google Adsense is perhaps one of the alternatives most used by bloggers to monetize their websites. This belongs to Google and is responsible for connecting advertisers with your website.


There are a number of variables that you must take into account to estimate how much money you can earn with Adsense.


Keyword planner: This service offered by Google Adwords allows you to calculate how much money is paid, on average, for an advertisement on a specific topic. Additionally it tells you an estimate of monthly searches.


Here is an example of the keyword “recipes with tuna”




To estimate how much money you can earn with Adsense on your blog, you must take into account three elements:


The topic of your blog: In this case, the recipes with tuna would be a food blog, with healthy, varied recipes, which has a good cost per click that starts from 2 USD (9,923 Colombian pesos).


Blog traffic: The second factor that determines the amount of income is the number of visitors your website receives in a month. For this example, let’s say you have 10,000 monthly visits to your blog.


The click-through rate (CTR) of your blog: This indicator shows us how many people, or what percentage of your visitors click on the ads on your website. Let’s say you have a 2% CTR, that is, two ad clicks for every 100 visits to your page.


How much money would you make in a month in this example of recipes with tuna?


Income calculation = 10,000 monthly visits X $ 1.20 ($ 2 – the percentage that Google stays) X 2% = $ 240.


As you can see, for this alternative to be interesting you must have a very good number of monthly visits, and have a blog whose theme has a good cost per click.




Now, as you can see, Google keeps a good portion of the income, since they facilitate the entire process, you do not have to connect with the advertisers, manage the charges, or define the ads that appear on your site.


If you are willing to do this job, you can sell ad space directly to advertisers, define a cost per click, and send link reports to them so they can pay you.


Promoted content:

This advertising model consists of creating content, either in article, video or image formats that seek to promote a brand, or a characteristic of it.


This model is quite famous worldwide and is used by major media such as the New York Times, Buzzfeed, among others.


example sponsored content


This is an example from the New York Times, where the advertiser Netflix paid him to do an investigation of the current situation of female prisoners in the United States, in order to promote the launch of a new season of his series Orange is the New Black .


Even due to the legislation in the United States, the medium must indicate if it is sponsored content, as it does in the URL and in the content (see the red boxes in the image).


If you want to make money online by creating sponsored content, you can register on platforms that connect you with advertisers interested in publishing content on your blog. Here are some:





Other ways to make money with a blog:



When you position yourself on the web as an expert, or someone who masters a specific topic, you can offer services around your knowledge.


You can offer personalized advice, which you can do through Skype and Hangout. Here’s an example:


Another alternative is seminars and events, thanks to the creation of so many tools to offer digital events, or webinars, you can monetize your knowledge, and even invite other experts, to create robust events around a theme.


2. Paid Surveys

Surely you are thinking, “another site that recommends these surveys . ”


Do paid surveys work ? Can you make money online with them?


Let’s be clear: The problem with surveys, as with other methods of making money online, is that frauds and scams have been created around them.surveys surveyeahWhat you should know is that companies need to do market research to evaluate and test their products or services, and thanks to the emergence of the internet, paid surveys have become a powerful tool to achieve this.


So, as long as you use reliable platforms that have a track record and have a good reputation, it is possible to make money online with surveys .


Pages to earn money online with surveys:

To begin you must register on the following pages, usually you receive an email where they ask you to confirm that it is you, and then you start receiving surveys.


These pages are not exclusive, that is, you can subscribe to all of them and earn more money depending on the number of surveys you fill out. The most important thing is that you subscribe in your country of residence, otherwise the page will not work for you.


Here is a list of the platforms to start with:


If you live in Spain (you can register in all of them):


– Surveyeah in Spain ( Register here )


– Lifepoints in Spain ( Register here )


– Toluna in Spain ( Register here )


– Yougov in Spain for people over 18 years old ( Register here )


– Opinion Center in Spain ( Register here )


– Surveytime in Spain ( Register here )


– Swagbucks in Spain ( Register here )


– iSurveyWorld in Spain ( Register here )


– SurveyGo in Spain ( Register here )


– I-Say in Spain ( Register here )


If you live in Mexico (you can register in all of them):


– Toluna in Mexico ( Register here )


– Surveyeah in Mexico ( Register here )


– iSurveyWorld in Mexico ( Register here )


– Surveytime in Mexico ( Register here )


– SurveyGo in Mexico ( Register here )


– Ysense in Mexico ( Register here )


– Green Panthera in Mexico ( Register here )


If you live in Colombia (you can register in all of them):


– Opiniolandia in Colombia ( Register here )


– Surveyeah in Colombia ( Register here )


– Surveytime in Colombia ( Register here )


– SurveyGo in Colombia ( Register here )


– Ysense in Colombia ( Register here )


– Green Panthera in Colombia ( Register here )


If you live in the United States (you can register in all of them):


– SurveyJunkie in the United States ( Register here )


– Branded Surveys in the United States ( Register here )


– Opinion Outpost in the United States ( Register here )


– Lifepoints in the United States ( Register here )


– InboxDollars in the United States ( Register here )


– Homescan in Puerto Rico ( Register here )


– Ipsos in the United States, rewards site: ( Register here )


– Surveyeah in the United States ( Register here )


– Surveytime in the United States ( Register here )


– YouGov in the United States ( Register here )


If you live in Argentina (you can register in all of them):


– Lifepoints in Argentina ( Register here )


– Toluna in Argentina ( Register here )


– Opiniolandia in Argentina ( Register here )


– Surveyeah in Argentina ( Register here )


– Surveytime in Argentina ( Register here )


– SurveyGo in Argentina ( Register here )


– Ysense in Argentina ( Register here )


– Green Panthera in Argentina ( Register here )


If you live in Chile (you can register in all of them):


– Lifepoints in Chile ( Register here )


– Toluna in Chile ( Register here )


– Surveyeah in Chile ( Register here )


– Homescan in Chile ( Register here )


– iSurveyWorld in Chile ( Register here )


– Surveytime in Chile ( Register here )


– Ysense in Chile ( Register here )


– SurveyGo in Chile ( Register here )


If you live in Peru (you can register in all of them):


– Toluna in Peru ( Register here )


– Lifepoints in Peru ( Register here )


– Surveytime in Peru ( Register here )


– Surveyeah in Peru ( Register here )


– Panel Station in Peru ( Register here )


– Ysense in Peru ( Register here )


If you live in other countries:


– Surveyeah in other countries ( Register here )


– Surveytime in other countries ( Register here )


– Swagbucks in other countries ( Register here )


– Ysense ( Register here )


3. Affiliate Marketing, a 6-figure business

Recently, in an entrepreneurship talk, I asked attendees if they believed that it was possible to earn amounts over the internet that exceeded 6 figures, that is, to invoice at least $ 100,000 in a year.


You think it’s possible? I tell you that today there are blogs and people who not only know how to make money online, but are building online business ideas that bill hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars a year.


Here’s the example of Patt Flynn, whose Smart Passive Income blog had a turnover of more than $ 2 million in 2017, primarily through Affiliate Marketing.smart passive income income report


Personally, we use various affiliate programs at Undertaking Stories, which leave us commissions for every sale, lead, or conversion that is generated on the merchant site.


However, before I tell you which affiliate marketing programs you can use to earn money online , first I want to explain what it is and where you can learn in depth about the subject.



Affiliate Marketing consists of selling a product belonging to a third person and taking a commission for it. It is something like the work of commercial 2.0.


If you want to learn more about the subject, there are several programs that explain how to create automatic systems, which includes courses, videos, guides and trainings to start billing thousands of dollars a month.


Most recognized affiliate programs on the Internet:



Below we will share some of the programs with which you can earn money online by recommending third-party products.


One of the most famous is the Amazon Affiliate program .amazon affiliate program to earn money online


In our case, we use the affiliate program to recommend books to our community that we feel add value.


For every book sale on Amazon, we receive a commission. If you want to learn more about this program, we have created an Amazon Affiliate guide . For instance:


Recommended books:



Another of the most famous and widely used affiliate networks is ClickBank . Here are some of its advantages:


Wide variety of products, both physical and digital.

Their commissions are quite attractive, you could earn up to 70% commission with a large number of products.

Payments are relatively fast (the payment is sent every month) and,

You can receive your commissions through Payoneer anywhere in the world.

Other Affiliate Marketing networks that work very well, and that you could explore to find products to recommend and earn money online are:



The Ebay Affiliate Program



4. Offer your services as an independent worker or freelance

Thanks to globalization and the internet, today there is a wide range of online jobs that you can do from any corner of the planet.


Where can you offer these services?

There are a good number of pages where you can offer your services as a freelancer. Some of the most prominent are:






These types of platforms open the doors to new opportunities and clients around the world, to which you would not have access otherwise and that can help you earn extra money.


To start, here I explain the steps to become self-employed .


Here are some jobs that you can do from home to earn money online working for third parties.


Write articles on demand:

People who find it easy to write, especially journalists and people involved in social communication, have a very good opportunity to earn money.


Content has become a fundamental pillar of the internet, so many possibilities have opened up for freelancers who know how to write.


We have created a guide with four easy steps explaining how to earn money writing ; it does not matter if it is for a personal blog or selling articles for companies.


In the case that you are fluent in English, there are several pages that pay you up to $ 100 to write articles in this language. Here are two sites you can explore:


Listverse : This platform pays you $ 100 per approved article. The content must be a list of 10 points, at least 1,500 words.


Matador Network: This platform pays you up to $ 60 for each approved article. The most common payments are between $ 20 and $ 25 and there is no minimum number of words. It alone cannot be more than 1,500 words.


You should know that the internet has changed the way of writing, and it is key that you learn not only to create optimized content for the internet, but also how to get your first customers, how to present articles and know how to add value to whoever buys your content.



Become a virtual assistant:

The work as a virtual assistant covers different functions that depend on what your client requires. Your activities can range from answering emails and scheduling agendas, to creating articles, making calls, and managing clients.


The attractive thing about this way of making money online is that, to learn how to be a virtual assistant , you do not require extensive previous knowledge or experience.


Of course, it is vital that you learn how to attract new clients, know the tricks to differentiate yourself from the competition and offer added value to the companies that hire you.


In addition, the work as a virtual assistant is quite flexible and adapts to your commitments, so you can work in parallel for different companies or entrepreneurs, and thus increase your income .


If you are interested in turning your skills, experience and knowledge into a career as a virtual assistant, we leave you a course to learn how to achieve it.


This course also includes notions to manage your online identity as a personal brand, position yourself on the Internet as a professional in virtual assistance and how to find your clients, all explained step by step and from scratch.



Transcribe audios:

If you are fast with the keyboard, then transcribing audio will be a good idea to earn money online. In Atexto you can receive up to € 315 per month for transcribing an hour of audio per day, from Monday to Friday.


However, it is very important that you take care of your spelling because the transcripts must not have errors.


In addition, you must comply with the transcription guidelines that are detailed on the page so that no points are taken away from you, nor money is deducted from your payment.


Translate articles and content on the web:

If you master two languages, be it Spanish along with English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, or any other language, you can offer your translation services and earn money online.


This service has become an interesting source of income for those who learn how to get clients, know the most important aspects of the business, and understand what clients are looking for through translations.



5. Sale of products and services over the Internet

Square Shopify banner


There are a wide variety of products and services that you can offer on the Internet.


At Undertaking Stories we sell, for example, our ebook about personal finance that we mentioned earlier.


In the event that you have a blog you can sell physical or digital products depending on the theme of your website; for example you can create books, courses, mugs , or some product that you see that fits with your community.


If you want to sell your products online, the most natural thing would be for you to have an online store. Today there are very robust tools like Shopify , which allow you to create online stores in a matter of minutes.


As we have seen that this is a topic of interest to our community, we created a guide where we explain how to create an online store in a few steps.


So what can you sell online and how to do it? Here are some ideas to start making money online.


Write and sell books:

If you find it easy to write, you have good spelling and you have the ability to connect with the people who read you, you can learn to write and sell an ebook and start making money online.


Although there is a saturation of the market with so much supply of digital books, the key is to create valuable content that meets a goal, or that helps your audience in some way.




What should you look for with your book? Teach something, solve a problem or make life much easier for those who read to you. The power of voice to voice and the spread of social networks will help you make sales very interesting.


One of the advantages of ebooks is that you have to do the work only once, that is, the work of sitting down to write it, edit it and publish it is done once, and from then on, you must dedicate yourself to promoting it in your communities.


Where can you sell your ebooks?

In addition to having it published on your website, you can use these five complementary platforms to sell your books and have an exposure to a much larger audience.


Amazon Kindle

Apple iTunes

Free Ebooks



The attractiveness of selling books online is that it is one of those businesses that requires little investment and the barriers to entry are minimal. However, this does not mean that it is easy, since you need to invest time writing and promoting it.


Sell ​​audiobooks:

Like ebooks, audiobooks have been growing in popularity due to the ease of listening, the new platforms available, and their prices that have become very affordable.


An example of this is Amazon’s Audiable program , which gives you a free 30-day trial to listen to two audiobooks of your choice.


This shows that people have much broader access to these types of materials, so if you like to tell stories, short stories or novels, you can create your own audiobook and sell it through different digital platforms.


Sell ​​your photos in image banks:

On the internet there are many image banks that, in exchange for a small fee or under the royalty business model , allow you to upload your photos to their libraries so that their users can buy them and you receive a commission. Among the most popular image banks are ShutterStock , iStock and Depositphotos .



Sell ​​your crafts:

If you like creating arts and crafts, you can sell your products and earn money online. It’s totally free to open an Etsy shop , you just have to create your account, take good quality photos of your products and start selling.


The costs are variable and depend on your sales, generally they charge you 3.5% for each sale plus a fixed cost for displaying your products. Regarding payment, there are several alternatives including Paypal.


Unlike the face-to-face or physical sale of your products, when you sell through this type of virtual stores, you have access to customers around the world, you do not need to be present to generate a sale and you can develop business relationships beyond your city.


This idea represents a very good opportunity if you are looking for jobs from home that make your life easier.


Buying and selling web domains:

Buying and selling domains is one of the most common practices to earn money online .


What is this idea about? Basically a person can buy a domain at low cost, make it have a special added value, and then sell it for a higher price.


To measure the size of this business, here is a list of the 20 most expensive domains that have been sold.


earn money online web domains


You must bear in mind that it is a complicated and expensive process to carry out, since contacts and a lot of time are needed to correctly position a domain.


If you want to start this business online you can use platforms such as Sedo and Whois .


Sale of used products:

Do you have college or school books kept in a closet? Normally when we finish the year of study we usually put away the books that we will no longer use in the future.


A practical way to earn money online is to sell these used books to people who will need them next year and who are interested in paying less for the book you already used.




You can use Amazon that gives you gift cards in exchange for your books and other products, or search for clients through OLX, Mercado Libre and social networks.


Now, you can not only sell your books, you can also offer clothing, accessories, appliances, technological devices, among others. This is also an invitation for you to stop accumulating things and opt for a minimalist lifestyle .


Dropshipping, sell without inventory:

Dropshipping is a practice that consists of selling products without having inventory to earn money online. The person functions as an intermediary between the customer and the seller, who sends the purchase directly.


The principle of Dropshipping is simple. It is about opening an e-commerce store in Shopify , WooCommerce, Wix or PrestaShop, for example, where people will get various products of their interest.


Here we leave you a guide so that you understand and start making money with Dropshipping .



If you want to start with this business you can check Salehoo , one of the best platforms to start your dropshipping business. It is basically a supplier directory that allows you to find suppliers, prices and online stores in a matter of minutes.


It can even tell you the profit margins, comparing your suppliers and other useful information to start importing from China.



Some of the platforms to start in this business are (dropshipper):










The good thing about this idea to make money online is that you can dropship from practically any country; It is easy to start, requires little investment and few expenses, it is managed from anywhere and you can sell the type of product you want.



6. Create online courses and monetize your knowledge

Another very good idea to earn money online is online courses .


Currently people are looking to deepen their knowledge, learn new skills or develop a hobby, and with the ease of access to knowledge, online courses have become a very good option.


With tools like Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime, you can offer your personalized classes to students around the world.


Incluso, puedes explorar plataformas como Superprof para ofrecer tus servicios.


udemy education platform


Ahora bien, la otra opción que tienes es crear un curso online y venderlo en plataformas educativas como Udemy, donde accedes a más de 30 millones de estudiantes en más de 190 países en el mundo.


Dependiendo del precio del curso, el tipo de cliente que llega a la plataforma y si hay promociones, la comisión que cobra Udemy puede variar. Aquí puedes revisar sus políticas de pago al instructor.


7. Crear un canal en Youtube y generar ingresos

Youtube es una de las plataformas de mayor crecimiento tanto en usuarios, como en personas que generan ingresos allí. Y esto se debe en gran parte debido al consumo de videos por parte de las usuarios en línea.


Antes de explicarte cómo funciona la plataforma, deberías revisar las políticas de ingresos ya que para comenzar a ganar dinero online con Youtube, deberás cumplir con ciertos parámetros y números.


Esta plataforma también funciona con Google Adsense, y los ingresos van a depender según el número de visitas que tengas y la cantidad de suscriptores.




Algunos canales venden publicidad directamente a las marcas; muchas veces utilizando los productos en los videos, o haciéndolos parte del ambiente natural del video.


Esta opción es bastante buena ya que evitarás intermediarios, por lo que el dinero derivado de la publicidad es casi íntegro para el usuario.


Para que tengas una idea de los ingresos que se pueden generar en Youtube, el medio CNBC reveló que el top 10 de youtubers generaron más de 180 millones de dólares en ingresos durante el 2018.


Y para que te sorprendas, Ryan ToysReview de 8 años, tiene el canal que más ingresos generó con un total de 22 millones de dólares en el 2018.


8. Los podcasts, la nueva ola de los contenidos

Los podcasts son grabaciones de audio que se pueden descargar en Internet, o escuchar en ciertas plataformas como iTunes, iVoox, Stitcher, Spreaker, AllPodcasts, Spotify, entre otros.


Actualmente los podcasts también incluyen videos, pero su concepto original es que son grabaciones de audio sobre varios temas, distribuidos en diferentes episodios.


It is like having a radio program saved on your smart device, and being such a popular format, it is being used to earn money online.


Here we share a kind of podcast, where we talk about profitable businesses to start .




To start making money online with podcasts, you must create interesting content that attracts the attention of your users and manages to attract a good subscriber base.


Once you learn how to make a podcast , you can monetize it in several ways:


You can offer your own products or services.

Use affiliate marketing to recommend third-party products

Sell ​​advertising so that brands have mentions or an exposure in front of your subscribers.

Lastly, you can charge your subscribers a small fee to receive your podcasts.

9. Make money with social networks

To finish, I would like to share the different options you have to earn money online through social networks.


There are several quite profitable alternatives to make money with Facebook and other networks, if you manage it well while investing in the different channels.


Manage social networks for third parties:

social media digital marketing strategy


If you like social networks, you are an expert in the digital world or have taken digital marketing courses , you could create a digital-based business where you manage the social networks of other people or businesses.


Due to the boom that social networks are taking, and the importance of the digital presence for the growth of companies, this has become a great business opportunity that does not require a considerable investment.




To start this business you can offer plans to your clients where you charge for the number of published pieces, number of followers gained or handling of complaints and claims.


Another alternative is to charge a fixed fee or monthly payment for developing certain key activities for the business. These activities will depend on the client’s objectives and must be defined jointly.


How to get your first clients:

To get your first clients you can publish an offer on the freelance platforms mentioned above.


Another faster way would be to work with people you already know and are interested in creating a personal brand, or small businesses in your city that do not have a digital presence.


Visit several of the businesses that are close to your home and check if they have communities on social networks; If you cannot find them, you could offer your services and if they do, explore what improvements you could implement with these networks to increase their sales or number of clients.


Remember that the key is to offer a service, through social networks, that allows your client to earn more money, obtain higher profits, or reduce their costs.


Become an influencer:

Thanks to the rise of Instagram, a new way to earn money from home has appeared very profitable: to become an influencer for different brands.


This work consists of advertising products of companies in exchange for financial remuneration or, in exchange for products of the same company.


The important thing here is to promote products that you agree with, since promoting anything simply to make money will make your audience stop trusting you.


So to begin with, the most important thing to learn how to get followers on Instagram is about being original, developing a style and starting to build an audience that is attractive to brands.


Many people think that being an influencer is an “easy” way to earn money online, however, to make your social media account a business you must be consistent and have a long-term vision.


10. Web programming services

online courses web development


Thanks to the growth, and the diversity of ways to earn money online, knowledge regarding web programming, mobile development, application creation, among others, have become highly demanded services.


This is why today there are so many programming courses , since these skills are becoming a source of considerable income due to the demand for these services.


So if you have this knowledge or skill for programming you could have a very lucrative chance of making money online.


From freelance services for companies around the world, to creating your own applications to earn money , you have various possibilities to monetize your knowledge. Among the options you have:


Create an online programming course to train other people.

Work remotely for businesses from home.

Programming services on request for entrepreneurs, businesses, or companies.

Develop your own products and services and then sell them.


The options to earn money online are very varied. In fact, we can continue this list and keep mentioning other ideas such as:


Make money checking websites

Making sports bets

Trading on the stock market , currencies, stocks, derivatives, among others.

Play video games that pay you money

View advertising ads on websites.

However, in this article I wanted to share with you the ideas to earn money online that I know work. Some you can pay more than others, but everything will depend on the perseverance, dedication and effort that you put into it.


As I mentioned at the beginning, making money online is possible, however, it is not something that happens immediately.


You must work, try new ideas and build knowledge that allows you to work intelligently and allows you to earn money online no matter where you are in the world.



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